ERO Emergency Response Officer

BHV course in English Amsterdam in 1 day

We help companies to comply with the legal health and safety obligations by providing various courses, including ERO Emergency Response Officer and Safety & Health Officer.

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ERO course fast (1 day)
ERO recertification 1x every 2 year 1 day (required)

Every company with personnel in the Netherlands, for example an office, must arrange a company emergency response team (Bedrijfshulpverlening, BHV) so in the event of emergencies, employees and visitors are properly cared for.

ERO Emergency Response Officer

Contents of the ERO course day

BHV cursus in het Engels

ERO course Amsterdam

Experience a special day and step into another world, which can become reality on your own work floor.

  • provide first aid and CPR with AED
  • Stop the Bleeding – applying various types of material and dressings from the trauma kit such as tourniquet and hemostatic dressing
  • limit and combat small fires
  • extinguish with water, carbon dioxide snow extinguisher, foam / premix extinguisher, fire blankets
  • limit the consequences of accidents
  • raising the alarm and evacuating all employees and other individuals
  • evacuation drill
  • communication with the emergency services

The instructor

Classes are taught by a NedCert certified instructor who provide compact, no-nonsense ERO courses in a modern way, with lots of practical exercises. By applying a balanced mix of learning styles, the ERO course is, from the beginning to the end, fun, informative and engaging. We work with small groups, so we are able to give a lot of personal attention.

The ERO certificate

The examination is conducted by NedCert Certification according to ISO 17024. If someone succeeds, he receives a certificate Emergency Response Officer (BHV). The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course fee

The price of the ERO course includes the textbook and the use of emergency response training materials, bandages, AED’s, extinguishers, free tea/coffee, free lunch and examination fees.

This training day also is suitable as a refresher or when someone has done a BHV course before at another organisation.

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ERO course fast (1 day)
ERO recertification 1x every 2 year 1 day (required)

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BHV cursus Amsterdam
Average rating:  
 92 reviews
by Yauheni Bankouski on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Great tutor with ton of knowledge! Very happy to aware know of how to behave in emergency situations.

Yauheni Bankouski van Ciwit B.V.

by Tamás Adorjáni on BHV cursus Amsterdam

A lot to take home, super useful, always an memorable experience to do!

Tamás Adorjáni van Cloudreach B.V.

by Frederika Djatmiko on BHV cursus Amsterdam

This is the second time that I've been here and it is as good as I remembered it to be. I highly recommend the ERO course given by Rene at NedCert.

Frederika Djatmiko van Cloudreach B.V.

by Ross Wilson on BHV cursus Amsterdam

I like René, he's a lot of fun and very knowledgable!

Ross Wilson van Cloudreach B.V.

by Leanne Crook on BHV cursus Amsterdam

I was really impressed by the course! It was great to learn these things again. I particularly liked our instructor Rene, he was very thorough, clear to understand and also gave a fun side to the course! I do think in some cases a little more detail on the first aid would have been nice. To discuss in more detail what to do when a stroke happens / heart attack / epilepsy and do 'role-plays' of these also.

Leanne Crook van Hotelchamp B.V.

by James Ball on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Rene is a very good trainer, this is my third time attending and have always found him helpful, engaging and knowledgeable.

James Ball van Thomas Thor Associates B.V.

by Marie Lindström on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Very good and interesting day!

Marie Lindström van Thomas Thor Associates B.V.

by Rebecca Riddle on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Great course, well delivered by a trainer who is knowledgeable about the subject(s) and about teaching methods/learning/training skills. However there is a lot of material to cover and learn/practice in one day and retain for future use. I am grateful I have done First Aid previously so the briefness/quickness of the coverage of (a lot) the content was enough for my needs however if this was the first time I was doing first aid I think I would like the content to be spread over a longer period.

Rebecca Riddle van Thomas Thor Associates B.V.

by Marc Mineo on BHV cursus Amsterdam

It would be nice to have a more step by step approach for every possible scenario, it will be easier to remind in the future.

Marc Mineo van Payconiq Services B.V.

by Giuseppe Settimio on BHV cursus Amsterdam

All excellent thank you!

Giuseppe Settimio van Saipem Finance International B.V.

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