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ERO Emergency Response Officer

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We help companies to comply with the legal health and safety obligations by providing various courses, including ERO Emergency Response Officer and Safety & Health Officer.

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Every week in the Netherlands there are approximately

deaths as a result of an industrial accident
people who sustained serious injuries from industrial accidents
fires at companies
injured from industrial accidents

Frequently Asked Questions

The abbreviation BHV/ERO can mean 3 things:

  • Company emergency response officer
  • Citizen assistance provider
  • Basic assistance provider
BHV is mandatory for every employer and also for associations and event organizers. This obligation can be found in the  Working Conditions Act and the Regulations for fire-safe use and basic assistance for other places.

Yes, our BHV / ERO certificate is valid for 2 years!
This means that the Emergency Response Officer only has to attend an ERO day after 2 years.

Policy rules on working conditions legislation
These policy rules are expired. However, they are the last described most concrete guidance for the government. It roughly stated the following: every two years, at least 8 hours are spent per Emergency Response Officer on refresher courses and exercises.

How often the ERO must attend a course is NOT stated in the Working Conditions Act. Of course it is good to practice a few times every year, such as an evacuation drill, but that must be done at your company. You must, however, be able to demonstrate that you have competent ERO’s and that is possible with an official NedCert certificate.

The Emergency Response Officer provides assistance within companies and organisations.

According to Article 15 of the Working Conditions Act, a company with employees and / or visitors must have Emergency Response Officers. The emergency response officers must have followed training. If a company is still small, the owner may be the Emergency Response Officer himself.

It depends, among other things, on the size of the company and the risks that exist in a company, how many Emergency Response Officers there must be. Click here for the NedCert online calculation tool to calculate the approximate number of Emergency Response Officers.
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Contents of the ERO course day

Experience a special day and step into another world, which can become reality on your own work floor.

BHV / ERO renew

This training day also is suitable as a refresher or when someone has done a BHV course before at another organisation.

Learn from the pros

Classes are taught by our NedCert certified instructor, René van der Helm, who provides compact no-nonsense courses with many practical exercises in a modern way. By applying a balanced mix of learning styles, the course components are fun, educational and engaging from start to finish, both online and during the course day. We keep the groups small so that you receive a lot of personal attention.

Rene van der Helm
aanleggen tourniquet bij bloeding

The ERO certificate is valid for 2 years

The examination is conducted by NedCert Certification according to ISO 17024. If someone succeeds, he receives a certificate Emergency Response Officer (BHV). The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course fee

The price of the one day course Emergency Response Officer includes the textbook and the use of emergency response training materials, bandages, AED’s, extinguishers, free tea/coffee, free lunch and examination fees.

Use the training funds in your industry. They often contribute to training costs.

Reviews, ervaringen van cursisten ...

Spinnerij 59, Amstelveen

4,9 28 reviews

  • Avatar lotte veenstra ★★★★★ 2 maanden geleden
    Erg leuke en leerzame dag!!! 🙂
  • Avatar Joeri Simonian ★★★★★ 7 maanden geleden
    Een leerzame en leuke dag met goede begeleiding.
  • Avatar J Kolen ★★★★★ 8 maanden geleden
    Herhaling gedaan om weer even op te frissen, was helaas wel nodig. Zou eigenlijk wat vaker moeten gaan. Top instructeur en een goede omgeving.
  • Avatar Marie van Boesschoten ★★★★★ 11 maanden geleden
    Leuke dag met goede voorzieningen en oefeningen. Rene, de instructeur is vakkundig.

Ugwunna Iwuagwu
CAM Bioceramics B.V.
Lees verder
It was a great experience and learning. Rene did a great job to explain all the theories and the practical aspects. He also explained the reasons for certain actions, which are quite helpful and handy in the case of real life emergencies. I would recommend this course and NedCert of anyone interested in becoming the ERO.
Helena Hartmann
KNAW-Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging
Lees verder
Really great course that teaches everything basic you need to know - theoretical as well as practical!
Erik Schutte
Lees verder
Excellent tutor, very kind & friendly with a pleasant voice and takes the time to explain and answers questions extensively. The practical part was especially fun and cool to do! I learned a lot today.
Patrick Eikenboom
Photanol B.V.
Lees verder
Thanks for educative but also enjoyable day.
Minuk Nam
Macrogen Europe B.V.
Lees verder
It was far more instructive and helpful. I learned a lot! I’m grateful for the instructors for excellent training, both in theory and practice.
Maria del Carmen Gomez Garcia
Lees verder
The course was fun and with lots of practice. The instructor was clear, provided useful examples, and answered all questions. I certainly feel comfortable with my acquired skills, and I believe I will be able to use them if I need them. Thank you.
Nikolaos Priovoulos
KNAW-Spinoza Centre for Neuroïmaging
Lees verder
Thank you for a very vivid course!
Robert Acker
Workiva Netherlands B.V.
Lees verder
Very safe measures taken to address Corona - felt like a comfortable environment to take the course. Exercises - CPR, Fire, VR evacuation - were super helpful to confirm the theory discussed. Instructor was helpful, informative, cheerful, welcoming, and professional which made for an effective and enjoyable session. Thanks very much!
Christelle Sovet
Patagonia Europe Coöperatief U.A.
Lees verder
I take this course for the second time by NedCert and every time it is a great learning with Rene and his way to make you aware about all the logical or not little things you could encounter in an hazardous situation. Thank u for your knowledge and for the day.
Sarah Dienst
Patagonia Europe Coöperatief U.A.
Lees verder
Rene is a good teacher that comes with a lot of knowledge and experience. It felt like he knows exactly what he is teaching. He was able to answer all questions. Thanks for giving this course. Additionally his English is excellent.
Karla Vincheva
Build in Amsterdam
Lees verder
Great work to the officer, he manages to bring in also some laugh into the course. The fire situation helped and taught us a lot.
Kalin Dimitrov
Clay Solutions
Lees verder
I really enjoyed the hands on exercise, especially dealing with real fires and the evacuation drill.
Marjolie Mankoto
AACSB International, Inc.
Lees verder
Great course where you can learn a lot in one day, very helpful and greatly explained by the facilitator.
Wilma Georgeson
Clay Solutions
Lees verder
A really interesting and engaging session. The day goes very quickly and I feel the information given is uncomplicated, in clear English and useful for what we will need rather than going into too much detail. I’ll be back next year again.
Evgeniya Muratova
Hasbro Emerging Markets B.V.
Lees verder
The course was good, learned skills can be applied to the office employees. The theory and practice part is going well together. Practical part was very useful in order to experience real life situations that may occur.
Gillian Walker
English Reformed Church
Lees verder
This course will help you feel more confident in your role as emergency officer ... and will also leave you wanting to know more. A lively, informative, well- structured course with an extremely knowledgeable and amicable trainer.
Peggy Engle
English Reformed Church
Lees verder
Even though I was very nervous and sort of dreading the day, it turned out very informative and it was fun learning in practice what I had spent a whole day intensely studying. A very good day indeed thanks to our instructor Rene.
Frederika Djatmiko
Cloudreach B.V.
Lees verder
This is the second time that I've been here and it is as good as I remembered it to be. I highly recommend the ERO course given by Rene at NedCert.
Baptiste Le Texier
Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.
Lees verder
I enjoyed learning these new safety skills during that day. Thanks for your clear answers and for the good atmosphere.
Sarah Barones Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh
Bunq B.V.
Lees verder
I had a great day with Rene learning how to help people in the office and learning what to do in case of a fire. I hope that I do not have to put these things into practice but I now believe that I will know what to do if I have to do that.
Anna Pearson
Impraise B.V.
Lees verder
Well paced and informative training session that excellently mixes the theory with the practical to keep the interest level high. The content is presented professionally by a knowledgeable trainer but it never felt dull or boring or monotonous.
Joseph Mottershead
Ecomama B.V.
Lees verder
I took the ERO course at 'BHV cursus Amsterdam' and found it informative, thorough and enjoyable. The theory is explained well and guidance from the course leader was absolutely excellent, as were the practical exercises which give a very useful understanding of the theoretical knowledge (and the lunch was also exquisite)
Djian Sadadou
Sungevity Netherlands B.V.
Lees verder
This test and training covers the bascis in a very clear format. I would totally recommend it for non dutch-speaking people.
Shefali Gupta
Belkin B.V.
Lees verder
The session was really insightful and practicals were great.
Jhey Bernas
Jord Oil and Gas Systems B.V.
Lees verder
The instructor was very knowledgeable and calm. The facility is great and fully practical. All of the candidates had chance to execute the practical activities.
Chloe Maynard
Green Room Design
Lees verder
Thank you for the day, i feel like i have learnt a lot and the day has been made interesting with the practical activities alongside the theory parts.
Marcelo Brull
Lees verder
Rene has been very clear and patient when answering our questions. He is very calm and does not mind explaining things twice. We had a small group which also made it very nice to make questions.
Sarah Maclean-Morris
Workiva Netherlands B.V.
Lees verder
I really enjoyed how interactive and hands-on this course was. Rene was a brilliant instructor, guiding us through each of the topics and ensuring that we all had a good understanding of what we needed to do. I also never thought I'd be putting out a live fire so that was a (exciting) surprise as well!
Manon Pelletier
Green Room Design
Lees verder
René had a lot of patience and humour which really helped learn and getting involved in the process. Only positivity which made it a great fun and instructive experience.
Maedhbh Greene
Lees verder
The course was very informative, the actions and steps we had to take had clear instructions, the teaching methods were strong and the time management was excellent. René was a very friendly, fun and kind instructor, while also being serious and not letting us forget or overlook any important details. Would definitely recommend to a friend or colleague.
Gregory Nimmo
Lees verder
Rene was a great teacher and explained everything thoroughly, the class room was also a nice place to focus and the demo area was extremely interesting. I felt I learned a lot and will continue to learn more in my own time.
James Ball
Thomas Thor Associates
Lees verder
Great fun course with a great teacher, very informative and it really makes you think about your surroundings, your own office and how you will react in certain situations. It shows that it is so important to be prepared and practice so that in potentially dangerous situations you know how to act and help yourself, colleagues, family and others you come into contact with.
Frederika Djatmiko
Lees verder
The training goes beyond any other BHV training that I've taken in other companies. Rene is able to cover extensive amount of information in a day and leave us buzzing. Highly recommend this course.
Max Delia
Lees verder
Rene was a great instructor. It is a long day with a lot material, but he keeps the course very fun and interesting. He is very engaging, and you can definitely tell he has a lot experience and knows what he is talking about.
Blake Bradley
Lees verder
The teacher kept the class light hearted and fun. Even though the course is long the day seemed to go by quickly and that was nice.
Roman Zhuzha
Trivago Services B.V.
Lees verder
Extremely useful course, opens eyes on extreme situations quite good. Might be nice to add some more simulation exercises, though.
Junko Sakakibara
The Japanese Saturday School Amsterdam
Lees verder
I learned a lot through this one-day course. Both the presentation part and the practice part were very well formed and very clear to follow. Not only a lot to learn, very enjoyable too. For the next time I would like to come back here for sure!