ERO Emergency Response Officer

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Professional and practice-oriented

We help companies to comply with the legal health and safety obligations by providing various courses, including ERO Emergency Response Officer and Safety & Health Officer.

BHV cursus in het Engels in 1 dag

Every week there are approximately:

  • 150 fires at companies
  • 3,700 injured from industrial accidents
  • 60 people who sustained serious injuries from industrial accidents
  • 2 to regret deaths as a result of an industrial accident

Can something be done about this?
Yes, make sure that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills of ERO. Sign up with us now!

Contents of the ERO course day

BHV cursus Amsterdam

ERO course Amsterdam

Experience a special day and step into another world, which can become reality on your own work floor.

  • Corona and PPE Personal Protective Equipment for ERO
  • provide first aid and CPR with AED
  • Stop the Bleeding – applying various types of material and dressings from the trauma kit such as tourniquet and hemostatic dressing
  • limit and combat small fires
  • extinguish with water, carbon dioxide snow extinguisher, foam / premix extinguisher, fire blankets
  • limit the consequences of accidents
  • raising the alarm and evacuating all employees and other individuals
  • evacuation drill in VR Virtual Reality
  • communication with the emergency services

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ERO course fast (1 day)
ERO recertification 1x every 2 year 1 day (required)

This training day also is suitable as a refresher or when someone has done a BHV course before at another organisation.

The instructor


René van der Helm

Classes are taught by our NedCert certified instructor, René van der Helm who provides compact, no-nonsense ERO courses in a modern way, with lots of practical exercises. By applying a balanced mix of learning styles, the ERO course is, from the beginning to the end, fun, informative and engaging. We work with small groups, so we are able to give a lot of personal attention.

The ERO certificate is valid for 2 year

The examination is conducted by NedCert Certification according to ISO 17024. If someone succeeds, he receives a certificate Emergency Response Officer (BHV). The certificate is valid for 2 year.

Course fee

The price of the ERO course includes the textbook and the use of emergency response training materials, bandages, AED’s, extinguishers, free tea/coffee, free lunch and examination fees.

Use the training funds in your industry. They often contribute to training costs.

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BHV cursus Amsterdam
Average rating:  
 117 reviews
by Nikolaos Priovoulos on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Thank you for a very vivid course!

Nikolaos Priovoulos van KNAW-Spinoza Centre for Neuroïmaging

by David Griffin on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Very good info and friendly people and place.

David Griffin van TM Construction B.V.

by Robert Acker on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Very safe measures taken to address Corona - felt like a comfortable environment to take the course. Exercises - CPR, Fire, VR evacuation - were super helpful to confirm the theory discussed. Instructor was helpful, informative, cheerful, welcoming, and professional which made for an effective and enjoyable session. Thanks very much!

Robert Acker van Workiva Netherlands B.V.

by Narcis Zarafin on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Very good course.

Narcis Zarafin van Cegelec B.V.

by Theisen Sanders on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Good emergency course. Able to accomplish during pandemic with distancing and protective equipment.

Theisen Sanders van Workiva Netherlands B.V.

by Christelle Sovet on BHV cursus Amsterdam

I take this course for the second time by NedCert and every time it is a great learning with Rene and his way to make you aware about all the logical or not little things you could encounter in an hazardous situation. Thank u for your knowledge and for the day.

Christelle Sovet van Patagonia Europe Coöperatief U.A.

by Tomas Couprie on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Great course!

Tomas Couprie van Qardio Netherlands BV

by Sarah Dienst on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Rene is a good teacher that comes with a lot of knowledge and experience. It felt like he knows exactly what he is teaching. He was able to answer all questions. Thanks for giving this course. Additionally his English is excellent.

Sarah Dienst van Patagonia Europe Coöperatief U.A.

by Sergio Chaves Coelho Leite on BHV cursus Amsterdam

René was a great instructor. Thanks a lot to him!

Sergio Chaves Coelho Leite van Green Room Design

by Karla Vincheva on BHV cursus Amsterdam

Great work to the officer, he manages to bring in also some laugh into the course. The fire situation helped and taught us a lot.

Karla Vincheva van Build in Amsterdam

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